Bill Garlington

Bill Garlington for HD 21

Businessman, political author and former Congressional candidate of Florida’s 7th District, Mr. Garlington vows to “Free Colorado” if elected to Colorado’s House District 21.

Mr. Garlington’s conservative support of funding the police, removing sanctuary cities, assisting displaced US Veterans, along with Parental Rights and Ballot Reform are just a few of the conservative battles Mr. Garlington intends to fight for to “Free Colorado” as Colorado’s next State Representative in HD21.


Bill Garlington’s Promise to you

  • Crime- Funding the Police
  • Taxes- Lower taxes; Property, Sales, State Income
  • Ballot Reform- In Person Voting, 2-Week Early Voting in Person, Day of Voting
  • Removal of Sanctuary Cities- Denver
  • Education Reform- Eliminate Indoctrination of Students, Parental Rights
  • Rule of Law- Limited Government, Tough on Crime & Drug Abuse,
  • Veteran’s Rights- Assisting the Displaced US Veteran
  • Two-Parent Family- Assistance of Keeping Families Intact
  • Border Security- Maintain Southern & Northern Borders, Immigration Reform
  • Transportation- Roads, Railways, Infrastructure Reform